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It’s impossible to sum up my thoughts about the February subscription box into one word, but what I love most about this box is all of the love that went into it.

Every detail was lovingly curated right down to the name Honey. If you’ve ever wondered how I got the name Honey, the story is as simple and sweet as the golden liquid I’m named after. My grandparents loved visiting a local restaurant in Durham, NC called Honey. When I arrived as the first grandchild on both sides, my grandmother (whom I affectionately called Mama) named me after the place where she had spent so much time with my grandfather.

On my 16th birthday, my grandmother gave me a heart ring with diamonds that I still cherish in my jewelry box today. It’s simple, dainty, timeless, and the most beautiful heart ring I ever saw. That gift may have sparked my love for dainty jewelry.
February’s subscription box is dedicated to my grandmother so it's very special. Is it a coincidence that February also marks five years since I started Honey Shea Studios? Of course not, this was #minttobee.

I have created the most perfect piece of dainty, elegant jewelry that is only available during our quarterly Honey Shea Studios Surprise Subscription Box. There are limited quantities available; order yours today.

Starting Wednesday, February 5th at 12 PM EST I’m launching my first Winter edition of a quarterly Honey Shea Studios subscription box.

Every subscription box will contain a surprise necklace handmade by me that is only exclusive to the subscriber.

*Limited quantities available
*No discount codes will be applied at this time until further notice for the subscription box