Michele Necklace

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"Each day the world challenges us in so many ways but for me, I put on my armor of God to face those challenges by choosing to do these 3 simple things; see the positive in every situation, always let my light shine, even when I feel darkness all around, & ALWAYS spread & choose JOY! God & goodness always win when you remember to live your life by those 3 simple positive principles!" ~Michele

  • Freshwater pearl - shining your light
  • Honey Quartz gem -choosing joy
  • Hexagon - seeing the positive 
  • Swarovski crystal near the clasp - When you clasp the necklace each time, you’ll feel that crystal, it will remind you to center yourself with the one that makes you whole. 

*If you are a teacher this necklace has a special promo code just for you. Simply email us at honey@honeysheastudios.com with a copy of your school ID.